hi, i'm yan ✿

freelance illustrator.
email for inquiry!

Commission info

STATUS: CLOSED, planning to open December 2nd (follow my twitter for updates).

Please email if you have a company commercial project, or rush job (x2 price).


Style A: Chibi

Full Body$120$240

Included: transparent and solid color bg, small props. Canvas is approx. 4000 wide at 300dpi.
For PNGtuber sprites, the price is subject to change depending on complexity.
Chibi Samples:

Style B: Detailed Anime

Detailed AnimePersonalCommercial
Full Body$150$300

Included: transparent and solid color bg, small props. Canvas is approx. 4000 wide at 300dpi.
For PNGtuber sprites, the price is subject to change depending on complexity.
Detailed Anime Samples:

Extras (for both styles):

All ExtrasPersonalCommercial
Character$30 (waist) / $50 (full)$60 (waist) / $100 (full)
Animal$20 per$40 per
Blinking GIF$10$20
PNGtuber (mouth only)n/a$10
PNGtuber (complex sprites)n/a$30 per
BG (simple)$50$100
BG (complex)$100$200

Badges (for Twitch, YouTube, Discord, etc.):

Badge SetsPrice
5-Set$150 ($30/badge)
10-Set$250 ($25/badge)
15-Set$300 ($20/badge)

Included: resized versions for twitch (72px, 36px, 18px), along with original res files. Sample graphic can be requested free of charge. For sets that are in-between sizes, please round down and multiply by price per badge (ex. a set of 7 badges is $30 x 7 = $210).
Commercial rights are included in price.
Badge samples:

VTuber Model Art:

Model ArtPrice
Full Body$950
Extra Outfits$150 per
Props$30 per
Expressions$25 per

Included: fully separated and labelled .PSD file, canvas is approx. 8000x3000 px at 300dpi. Does not include Live2D rig.
Partial payments are OK if total exceeds $1000, commercial fee is included in price.
Prices are subject to change depending on complexity of design.
Must have a character reference sheet ready!Model Samples & Showcases (click for full size):

Character Reference Sheet:

Character SheetPrice
Extra Outfits$50 per
Headshots$25 per
Props/Closeups$10 per

Base includes 2 full body illustrations in flat color, front and back view. Can include color palette if requested.
Also includes consultation on character design -- we can spend a few days brainstorming, starting from a vague idea if needed.

- I take 100% of payment upfront. Once I am ready to start working, I will confirm the final price and send an invoice via PayPal to be completed before work begins. The final price will also include a 3% fee to compensate for paypal transaction fees (which includes seller protection).
- finished commissions cannot be resold or made into merch UNLESS SPECIFIED BEFORE payment so we can discuss additional commercial fees. I do not allow my art to be made into NFTs.- Commercial fees (ex. turning commissions into merch for your own profit, using in a game, etc) will double the total commission price. Badges and Vtuber models have the commercial fee already included in the price. Please specify if this is for commercial use before I send the invoice!- you are welcome (and encouraged!) to post finished pieces on social media or print out for personal, non-profit use as you please.- Turnover for commissions depends on the complexity of the project, but generally will be completed within 1 week to 2 months after starting. Please refer to my Trello board to check the status of your commission!All prices are listed in USD.


Hi! i'm Yan, an illustrator/designer currently based in the US.I earned my BFA in illustration in 2020, started yanpans that summer and became full-time freelance in late 2021 (with a brief period as a pastry chef somewhere in between).When i'm not drawing for work, i'm probably still drawing -- but i've also made hobbies out of coffee, mechanical keyboards, and sneakers.if you want to chat about any of the above, send me an email at [email protected] :)