hi, i'm yan!

freelance illustrator & variety streamerwork hours: M-F 10am - 6pm EST (UTC -5)

Commission info

STATUS: Selective (email for inquiry)

(11/30/23) For reopening updates, please follow my twitter where I will share exactly when the form goes live next.

Please email if you have a company commercial project, or rush job (x2 price).

Character Illustration

Full Body$180+
With background+$200-300
Extra character+$90 (waist) / $120 (full)
Make PNGtuber+$50 (mouth/blink)

Included: transparent and solid color bg, small props. Canvas is approx. 4000 wide at 300dpi.Detailed illustrations may cost extra $.Commercial usage will double the total price.

Badges (for Twitch, YouTube, Discord, etc.):

Badge SetsPrice
5-Set$200 ($40/badge)
10-Set$350 ($35/badge)
15-Set$450 ($30/badge)

Included: resized versions for twitch (72px, 36px, 18px), along with original res files. Sample graphic can be requested free of charge.For sets that are in-between sizes, please round down and multiply by price per badge (ex. a set of 7 badges is $40 x 7 = $280).
Commercial rights are included in price.


VTuber Model Art:

Model ArtPrice
Full Body$1700+
Extra Outfits$200-300+

Included: fully separated and labelled .PSD file, canvas is approx. 7000x3000 px at 300dpi.Does not include Live2D rig.2 separate payments are OK if total exceeds $1000, commercial fee is included in price.
Prices are subject to change depending on complexity of design.
Must have a character reference sheet ready!*Clothing will be charged as a toggle if they require large portions of the model underneath to be drawn and separated (ex. jackets, large hats, swapping out one piece of clothing for another). Things like toggling animal ears, jewelry, etc. will not be charged.


Character Design & Reference:

Character SheetPrice
Extra Outfits$50-100 per
Detail Shots$10-50 per

Base includes 2 full body illustrations in flat color, front and back view, and closeups on any features that need elaboration.Any extra details the client would like shown will be considered extra detail shots subject to additional charge.Also includes consultation on character design -- we can spend a few days brainstorming, starting from a vague idea if needed.


For reopening updates, please follow my twitter or fill out my waitlist notification form if you'd also like to request a quote:

Terms of Service:

- Payment is 100% upfront unless the total invoice exceeds $1000. Before starting sketches, the commissioner will be contacted to confirm the final price and be sent an invoice via PayPal to be completed before the first sketches are sent for revision.- The final invoice will also include a 5% fee to compensate for PayPal transaction fees (which includes seller protection).- Once the first payment has been completed, there are no cancellations or refunds (unless the project is not completed by a previously approved deadline).- Non-commercial commissions cannot be resold or made into merchandise unless specified before payment in order to include commercial fees.- All art by Yanpans, both commissioned and personal, is NOT permitted to be made into NFTs or used in AI learning/developement.- Commercial fees (ex. turning commissions into merch for your own profit, using in a game, etc) will double the total commission price. Badges, Vtuber models and Character references have the commercial fee already included in the price. Using the commissioned work in a livestream or as a main element in branding does count as commercial use. If there is any confusion, please specify how the work will be used before the invoice is sent.- All preparation materials, such as sketches used to create the project remain the property of Yanpans.- Commissioners are welcome (and encouraged!) to post finished, watermarked pieces on social media or print them out for personal, non-profit use.- Turnover for commissions depends on the complexity of the project, but generally will be completed within 1 week to 2 months after starting. **Commissioners will be sent at least one colored sketch to make small edits, followed by final deliverables in a google drive folder. **- Multiple edits, or edits that require large portions of the sketch to be redrawn may incur additional fees.- The status of all in-progress commissions will be regularly updated on Trello.- All prices are listed in USD.


Hi! i'm Yan (pictured on right), an illustrator/designer currently based in Boston, USA.I earned my BFA in Illustration from RISD in 2020, started yanpans that summer and became full-time freelance in late 2021 (with a brief period as a pastry chef somewhere in between, so I can make a mean shortcake).When i'm not drawing for work, i'm probably still drawing -- but i've also made hobbies out of brewing good tea and building pretty keyboards.if you want to chat about any of the above, send me an email at [email protected] :)